6 of the Best Remote Jobs for Moms, from Writer to Travel Advisor

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You’ll also plan, develop, and assign lessons, then evaluate students on their grasp of these lessons. The best work-from-home job for you might be completely different than someone else. Some require a bachelor’s degree, while others are the best jobs for stay-at-home moms with no experience. You can find full-time work, side gigs to earn extra money, or part-time jobs for moms at home. The point is that you decide what your work-from-home job will be. For moms with school-age children or with partners, family or existing childcare that can help, this won’t be as much of an issue.

And even though the number of stay-at-home moms is not nearly as high as it was in the 40s, it’s still an attractive option for many families. For one, it allows a mom an opportunity to spend more time with her kids. But it also gives women an opportunity to build their careers while maintaining a household.

Remote Jobs For Moms Returning To The Workforce

Sometimes these resolutions work, while other times we end up with gym memberships we never use! It’s actually the same thing as a New Year’s resolution, only career-focused. Long underrated, apprenticeships are an excellent way to start a career. You can set up some fun or educational activities for your kids to keep them engaged and busy while you are. Stay-at-home moms have great responsibilities and are really unsung heroes in my eyes, so adding on another job can be stressful without preparing yourself first. Stay-at-home mom jobs are just like any other job, really.

  • If you know how to play an instrument, then you could teach it to others.
  • Enjoy the flexibility of aiding companies or individuals, maintaining a perfect work-life balance from the comfort of your home office.
  • True, it saves a ton of money on expensive child care (the average family spends nearly $10,000 annually on child care costs!).
  • A global provider of customer engagement services, offering solutions in customer support, technical support, and sales for various industries.
  • Freelancing often offers the most flexibility, and is a great way for moms to work remotely when younger kids are in their care.
  • Learn how this couple has made $133k flipping products and how you could get started with this potentially lucrative stay at home mom job.

TranscribeMe issues payments once a week through PayPal, and you can earn up to $22 per audio hour. If you do not mind talking to customers on the phone, then becoming a customer service representative is a great stay at home mom job. Especially if your kids are at school during the day, and you have some quiet time to yourself to work. For example, if you have an infant in your care while trying to work remotely (been there, done that), you need something flexible. Freelancing often offers the most flexibility, and is a great way for moms to work remotely when younger kids are in their care.


Ashlee Anderson is a Certified Professional Career Coach (CPCC) specializing in remote work. She’s on a mission to help job seekers ditch their daily commute in favor of telecommuting. As a search engine evaluator, you will look at a term someone googles and then look at the search results that come up. So, while the powers to be at Google work to fine tune their search engine, they need human eyes to help them.

good remote jobs for moms

That keeps women from getting better jobs and holds back the economy. The beauty of search engine evaluator jobs is they are oh-so flexible. Typically, you are given a quota (say 10 hours a week), and you can work whenever you want as long as you meet your goals.

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A global provider of customer engagement services, offering solutions in customer support, technical support, and sales for various industries. Companies hire and close positions all the time, so their job openings are always changing. If you click into a company’s link and they don’t have the position you’re looking for, bookmark this page so you can always come back and check again in the future. Welcome to the number #1 job and community site for working mums. You can find home based, flexible full time and part time jobs, plus ideas for working for yourself, career advice and much more.

best remote jobs for moms

Fancy Hands is a virtual assistant service, offering on-demand assistance for various tasks, from scheduling appointments to conducting research. Cambly is an online platform connecting students with English tutors for live video chat lessons, providing language learning opportunities. As a tutor, you’ll guide and mentor students from your home workspace.

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It’s all for her children’s preschool — before she can even head to the office. Many moms, myself included, turn to survey sites to earn a few extra bucks here and there. Lean on them all, and you’ll find it much easier to navigate the unchartered territory of remote mom jobs. That’s why I think it’s oh-so important to find your tribe.

Continuing our case for why travel planning with us is one of the best remote jobs for moms, our travel agent training is online and can be completed at your own pace. Moreover, you don’t need to finish your training to start selling travel. Working from home is a great way to improve your work-life balance because it allows you to spend more time with your family. The average remote worker has an estimated extra five hours per week to do the things they enjoy. According to Zippia, it takes the average American 27.6 minutes to travel to work. That makes a total of 55.2 minutes per day traveling to and from work.